Friday, January 11, 2008

Logan's update

I have received a lot of emails and phone calls wanting updates about our little Logan and his new Cochlear Implant. Thank you so much. It will make him so happy one day to know how loved he is! Well, things are going very well. He is getting used to all the "noise" and the only time he has become really irritated was on Christmas morning! :) With 9 cousins and all the mayhem, there was just too much sound and he asked me if he could take it off. "too much, too much" is what he kept signing to me.

We have started attending the John Tracy Clinic for the deaf and we just LOVE it. He has actually started recognizing certain words by their name...without reading lips. But this past week was very emotional for me as Logan not only heard a knock at the door, but knew what it was that he was hearing. We jumped around and cheered, we couldn't contain our excitement. That is going to be the struggle, teaching him to recognize what all these new sounds are. We are so proud of him and his willingness to work so hard. I just stare at him sometimes to see his reactions to sound. How blessed we have been. I will do better at updating on his progress. :)


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