Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Do you hear what I hear?...

Yesterday, Logan's world changed. He is hearing! We went in this morning to have his CI turned on. They first, hooked the device up to a computer to activate it and he was just hearing clicks and beeps. It was a great experience to see his little eyebrows raise when that first little bit of sound entered in. Once the audiologist turned it on she told us to go ahead and speak. I was slightly emotional and motioned to Jake to go first. He called Logan's name and his head turned towards Jake. After a while he began to ignore the noise and our voices. To Logan, it was no big deal and he just continued on playing with his puzzle. What?! That was it? Just a simple turn of the head? What about jumping up & down with excitement, asking for more sound, running into my arms? Well, I guess he is only 2 1/2, and actually, all that noise is probably not as pleasant as you might think.
So, he kept the implant on until about 2:00 (only because we were consistently bribing him to do so). He was playing in his room when I went in to check on him and noticed that he was not wearing it. I gave him a look and he signed, "Where? Where? I don't know." He was obviously guilty. So after 20 minutes of searching the playroom, I found it hidden under his mattress in his bedroom! He signed that he was all done with it and didn't like his new ear. I started to cry and left the room. He didn't like it? He didn't want to hear all these wonderful sounds? It broke my heart. My husband had to remind me that this is going to be a marathon, not a sprint and that it's okay to take it slow. I want so much for him to say "Mommy" that I guess I may be pushing him too much. All in all it was a good day. This device is pretty complex for such a little guy, but I'm sure he'll adjust. He watched a movie today and started dancing when he heard the music...loved it! Sorry for all the video, it's a lot of us yelling Logan's name and him turning his head:) )

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