Saturday, June 21, 2008

quick update

So on our cross country trip from LA to Florida, we stopped in San Antonio, TX to visit family. While we were there, we spent two days at Sea World. We saw the Shamu show a few times because it was Logan's favorite. Anyway, today we were lounging around the house listening to music and having fun with each other when Dad put on Neil Diamond's "America" (my older son loves that song). As soon as Logan heard the first 4 beats, he did the sign for Whale and tried to tell us that that was the same song he heard during the Shamu show. He was right! Simple, I know, but we were amazed that he made that connection and was learning to distinguish music like that.

Logan is progressing nicely. Just the other night he needed help with something and said a 3 word sentence-spontaneously- "Daddy, help me." He is also weening out the sign when he speaks, "mommy" and "daddy" are completely 'sign-free'. It's almost as if he knows what words he says well and are understandable because those are the words that no longer are accompanied by sign.

We received confirmation that the oral program here ion Gainesville is a for sure thing and, in fact, they just hired a teacher. The program director said that they were really happy with the decision made to hire this teacher and that she is fantastic and ...she, herself, has bilateral implants! Pretty cool. There will be 6 children between the ages of 2 1/2-4. Three with CIs and 3 with hearing aids and they are all between 3 to 9 months hearing. We are excited and hopeful about being apart of the start of this program.

We are in the process of setting up new audiologists, ENTs, etc and will start our process of trying to get him the second implant.

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Bright Family said...

Hello! We just returned from JTC and I thought I'd stop in and see how your trip to your new home went. Looks like you all made it safely!

Logan seems to be progressing wonderfully in such a short amount of time. JTC is truly amazing and I wish we could have stayed much longer! Tayten's language skills improved tremendously in the three weeks we were there!

Good luck with the new oral program! It sounds amazing!!


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