Thursday, January 8, 2009


What a frustrating week! Logan has not been too happy with his new "ear". He is trying so hard to understand what is going on and is still having trouble comprehending everything. He actually asked for his "Spider-Man Ear" today (his first implant). He said he wanted to "switch". I tried to explain to him that we had to wait a few more days to help his "Bat-Man ear" work better, I couldn't tell how he felt about that. He has been slightly irritable and emotional this week and has been fighting with his brothers (more than normal). He will walk by the blinds, rub his head on the couch and shake his head so that the processor "accidentally" falls off and he'll then say "whoopsie" and look at me like "oh well". I feel terrible that this is so rough for him-- although each day has gotten better. I don't want this to be a bad experience for fear that he'll never like the new "ear".

We made a calendar and marked the day when he could wear both of his implants. He counted the days from now until then and gave me a thumbs up!

I have been trying to be patient as well. I have come accustom to having him hear my voice and respond, so it's been frustrating to have to tap him to get his attention, or run after him when we are crossing the street. And the worst...losing him in a store today and knowing that he can't hear me call his name or even answer a stranger when they try to help him. Ughhh!
He has been focusing so much on lip reading. We have been working so hard to teach him to not do that for the past year, but I have not discouraged it these past few days because, again, I want to make this as easy as possible for him.
Today he was able to repeat the ling sounds, which he wasn't able to do the last few days, so we're getting there. I just hope Logan can be patient.


Iz and K. said...

Aw, I hope he gets used to his "new ear" soon.. Kauan did the same thing with his new implant, he would try everything for it to fall off "accidentaly", but now he is fine and responding really well. I know it can be so frustrating at times, but I'm sure Logan will be enjoying his new ear and responding well soon!!! :)
Isabelle and Kauan!

Jacy, Brian, and Libby said...

I was just thinking about you today and wondering how Logan is doing. I can only imagine how frustrating this must be for both you and him! It can be so hard to keep your patience and understanding with a child who is not feeling well, when they are grumpy and out of sorts, but it's exactly the time you need the most patience and understanding because they really need you despite their attitude and/or behavior. Logan seems like a very resilient, strong kid, and you are certainly an amazing mom, so I'm sure this tough time will pass quickly. Good luck with everything!

Jen said...

It's got to be tough to have to watch your son go through that. And how absolutely scarry to lose him in the store! Hope things continue to get better.


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