Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bean Bag Fun!

I had some left over material left over from a sewing project, so the boys and I made some bean bags. I never knew a bag filled with rice could bring so much joy for an entire day!

We took masking tape and made shapes on the floor, we then played a listening game. After repeating a word or phrase you got to throw the bean bag on one of the shapes, but you had to say out loud what shape you were aiming for. Even my older son enjoyed the activity until about an hour later he said, "Wait a minute, is this like a game to help with Logan's talking? I should have known!"


Bright Family said...

You are always so crafty! Love the idea and I bet the boys did have fun!

Perry Family said...

Celeste...what an incredible way of meshing fun with a speech drill. You are very creative!

mbishopp said...



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