Monday, March 2, 2009

Our new medical bracelets...

I received an email a few weeks ago from a woman named Linda who owns a company that makes medical bracelets. She said that she came across Logan's blog and wanted to give him 4 bracelets as a gift. We were thrilled! We ordered him this one a few months ago, but it is slightly uncomfortable so he doesn't like to wear it. Linda and her husband developed these bracelets because they have a grandson with down syndrome and he, too, would not wear the "typical" medical bracelets. Logan loves these because they are "cool" and just like the bracelets the older kids wear.
Click here to order one for yourself, they have a lot of colors and sizes to choose from and are very affordable.
Thank you, Linda, for your kindness.


leah said...

Those are really cool- and they look comfortable, too! I want to find something for Nolan, but his wrists are so little I can't find a bracelet that will fit!

AJ's Mom said...

Those look like awesome bracelets-and comfortable too. I didn't want to get AJ that was metal with the chain links :/ I'm with Leah-Aj's so small they'd probably fall off his wrist too! Great post!

mbishopp said...

it is nice to know you like these better then the other bracelet. does it stay on?
i have been meaning to invest in a bracelet for my little guy.


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