Thursday, November 8, 2007

We made it through the day!

Well, It is now almost 11:00 and we think Logan is out for the night and since so many of you have called inquiring about our day (thanks so much), I thought I'd give a brief summary of today's events before getting some much needed sleep myself. He was awesome at the hospital before the surgery. All of the preparing, that we thought wouldn't do much good, was a big help. We have been using "Donkey" as the patient and Logan as the doctor to show Logan what would happen the day of surgery--don't worry, we left out the details of the actual surgery! :) The nurses said that when it was time to put on the oxygen mask, to put him to sleep, he knew just what to do and wasn't scared. The surgery went great but when he woke up, he was quite upset with everyone who came within 5 feet of him! He proceeded to rip off anything that was attached to his body including his IV in his hand, which left Dad in a shirt covered in blood! I had a weak moment as a mother and couldn't take the sight of my brave little boy in so much pain and had to leave. I felt like I had just done this with Chase and wasn't ready to do it again. I had a quick meltdown in the elevator, got my composure back and went back to be with Jake and Logan. He came home around 3:00 and it has been a rough night, but he is doing well. I have been thinking about the end result of all of this and can hardly tame my excitement. He will be hooked up on December 4th--that is when the hearing will begin. I have made a list of all the things I want my baby boy to hear; the voices of his family, me telling him I love him, an airplane, a train, the beach, music, Disneyland rides, making his baby brother laugh...the list goes on and on. I know I'll need to take it slow and not expose him to all those things at once, how frightening, don't you think? :) Anyway, sorry for the long post tonight and for all of the photos. We are very proud and excited of our strong little boy. Thanks for sharing our excitement.

This is Logan and his WONDERFUL speech therapist, Jessica, practicing for the surgery.

This is "Dr. Logan" and his "patient", Donkey. He has his head bandaged and the oxygen mask on!
...checking his heartbeat.
Logan and Donkey ready for surgery.
The aftermath...

Donkey got to go into surgery with Logan and the nurses dressed him up like the doctors.

Finally at home.

After having two doses of his medication, he laid like this for about 30 minutes determined to not let any more medicine get in!

He gets very dizzy when he walks around, so he crawls around instead!

Good Night...finally!

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