Thursday, May 22, 2008

Any advice?

So Logan has been having some problems with the Implant all of the sudden just shutting off, without even a warning. We first thought it might be the rechargeable batteries, so we tried the disposable ones, that wasn't problem. We then received an entirely new implant and that wasn't the problem either. I have tried talking to other moms at school or doing Internet research to see what could be causing the problem, but no information there either. So...has any of you other CI moms ever had this happen before? I'm afraid if the external part has been replaced and the problem still exists, then it may be internally!! Thanks for your help!


Anonymous said...

Sending prayers you way. I know you said you replaced the external part, but does that mean the coil too? I pray it is an easy fix!

If you haven't already, you should post on CiCircle or ListenUp and see if those Moms/Dads can help.

I hope all turns out okay!

Mom to Toes said...


How is Logan wearing the processor/controller combo? Is it one unit or are you using the babyworn where it is separate?

If he is wearing the processor/ controller as one unit, it could be the connectors (bayonets).

Try twisting the two units apart. If they seem to come apart very easily, that may be the problem. If they move the slightest bit while he is wearing them, the unit will shut off.

We had this issue with Erin's and it took close to 6 swap outs before we finally worked it out. Apparently it was a quality issue with a certain batch of processors.

Mom to Toes said...

Here is a link to my blog post about our issue. I hope it helps.

Drew's Mom said...

It could also be the coil cable. If it frays at all or the little area where it "plugs" in becomes worn, it will shut off the processor. We have gone through many coil cables and babyworn shoe cables. Those are typically the problem.

Val said...

I've heard a few people say that they've got a replacement processor and it was also defective...I doubt it's the internal...usually when the internal is failing they don't hear as well...I've never heard of a bad internal just shutting off. Don't panic it will be fixed

Drew's Mom said...

Did you ever find a solution to the shutting off?


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