Monday, May 19, 2008

We are so proud.

So Logan's last day of school is this week and they do an end of the year assessment for him to take to his new school in Florida. To help with that, we sat down and compiled a list of all his language skills, receptively (what he understands) and expressively (what he can say). We were amazed at the list and wanted to show it off. We are so proud!
He is 5 months hearing and has
83 receptive words
25 expressive words (some spontaneous, some mimicked)


Kathy said...

HOORAY for Logan!

Bright Family said...

Way to go Logan! I am in the process of compiling an updated list of all of Tayten's language. I will definitely share when I am through. I see words on Logan's list that Taye knows, but I forgot to include them. Logan's expressive list is great! Tayten approximates and imitates like no other, but the spontaneous outbursts aren't occuring nearly as often as we'd like. I am hoping our 3 weeks at JTC will change that!


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