Sunday, September 28, 2008

Long time coming...

Logan will be 4 in January. I realize that I get him started on "things" later than I did my first son. A lot of my excuse is because there is so much focus on getting him to speak that the other "things" get put off. One of these things is chores. Logan picks up his toys and helps around the house, but has never been given official chores. My older son had minor responsibilities when he turned three, so I decided to crack down on Logan and start him this week (when you are in a family of 5 you have to learn to pull your weight at an early age).
I bought some wooden star shapes and colored popsicle sticks from Joann's. I took pictures of his chores and printed them out small enough to fit the stars. After attaching the stars to the sticks, I wrote "done" on the bottom of the stick. After a chore is completed, he turns the stick over in the jar. When all his jobs are finished he gets a sticker. He loves this and is eager to get his jobs done. It has been a great language activity as well as he learns names for items around the house.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun language activity...

We found lots of fun today with a big cardboard box, paint and little paper men. Logan's puppet was Daddy. We really haven't role played much and I didn't know that Logan even knew how, but it was hilarious to watch him as he told stories as if he were Dad. "I Daddy, I go school...I Daddy, I go school..." (My husband is in a dental residency so he wears blue scrubs and goes "to school") Tanner would explain the "play" to Logan and then they would act it out for me and Chase. Logan wouldn't get all of the details, but it was great to see him say or do the parts that he understood. Tanner would say, "Logan you sit on the tree and I will throw you a ball." Logan would walk his puppet over to the three and sit on top. Then he said, "Up tree, I want ball." Tanner looked at me and said, "Mom, I didn't even sign and Logan knew what I was saying." It put such a smile on my face to see my boys playing "normally" together.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The simple sound of rain...

Before having a child with deafness I never stopped to listen to the rain. I find that that is true with many sounds around me. I am grateful for the small and simple things that I am able to experience through Logan.
Yesterday it rained pretty heavily for about an hour. We sat outside and listened as each drop hit the ground. We walked down to the retention basin on our street and listened as the frogs croaked in the rising water. The sound of live frogs was something Logan had never heard before--again, small and simple things...

Monday, September 8, 2008


We have been busy lately with the start of school and therefore...I have neglected the blog. Logan is loving school. He is doing well and has definitely become more expressive. Although we don't understand all that is being said we are already at that point where we are saying to ourselves, "Does he ever stop to breath?"
We are set up to see the audiologist this Thursday for the first time since moving to Florida and are crossing our fingers that a second CI is in our future. We are also set up with a great AVT and will see her soon.

Logan had a great time at a church water activity last weekend even though I wouldn't let him wear his CI due to all the water (although it has already fallen in the pool and in the toilet and has survived). The fire department came, which was Logan's favorite part.


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