Monday, February 25, 2008


Ahhh...the dreaded IEP (Individualized Education Plan). It shouldn't be "dreaded", but with the lack of the school district's funds and deaf educators, it is! Each public school child who receives special education and related services must have an IEP. The IEP creates an opportunity for teachers, parents, school administrators, related services personnel to work together to improve educational results for children with disabilities.
The night before, Jake and I wrote out our "wants", our short term goals for Logan and our long term goals for him. I was really prepared and eager to get what I felt was needed for Logan to get the best education possible. When I arrived I sat down at a round table with 6 other women starring right at me. They consisted of an audiologist, a deaf education speech therapist, a psychologist, another speech therapist, a deaf education teacher and Logan's in home therapist that he's had for about 2 years. They all went around the table and gave their report about Logan (an assessment of him was done 3 weeks earlier by each person there...very stressful for a 3 year old :) ) They then proceeded to tell me his short term and long term goals...wait a minute, I don't get an opinion? I don't get to express what I think the goals should be regarding MY son? After 30 minutes of that, they handed me the document and asked me to sign it stating that I agreed with it. I proceeded to pull out my (very nicely typed) paper of what Jake and I had come up with the night before. I was stating the services that I wanted to fight to get for Logan (such as more therapy sessions, a home FM system, etc.) when one of the women proceeded to say, "what's the use, you are just moving in June anyway." I then understood why the meeting had gone the way it had. The school district was unwilling to invest time in Logan since he was not going to be a student in their district permanently, only the next three months. It broke my heart. I understood (a little) where they were coming from but I tried to explain that this IEP would be carried over to Florida when we get there and that was the reason for the requests...something they should have already known. Well, hopefully it works out in our favor!


Drew's Mom said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on Drew's blog. You may post a link on your site and I will do the same on mine!

I look forward to reading about your sons journey.

Loudest Mom said...

IEP meetings *can* be very frustrating, can't they! We've had great ones, and some where I felt like the people involved really just wanted to rush through it. You are absolutely right though- you need to get the IEP right now, so you can use it as a guide when you arrive in Florida (where no one will know your son), and the people you are working with now should WANT to do that for you :) You have great instincts!

Love the blog!

Mom to Toes said...

I love the updated blog!

Thanks for the IEP info... I am mired in that myself right now.

Mom to Toes said...
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