Thursday, October 23, 2008

2 "ears"?

So as many of you know, we have been eager to get Logan a second CI, although this decision was tough--it was easier than deciding on getting the first one. When we lived in LA, UCLA denied us a second one because "he was doing so well with just one". We have been pursuing it again since moving to Florida. We finally got an appointment with the ENT doc and the day went like this...

-I signed Logan in as a new patient and filled out required paperwork.

-We were called back by a nurse and met with the doctor's assistant for about 25 minutes for a routine "getting to know you" appointment. After we were done I briefly mentioned that we were interested in getting the second implant done but was interrupted in by a knock on the door.

-Dr. Antonelli came in and gave Logan a high five, looked in his ears and listened as the assistant gave him cliff notes on our 25 minute conversation. She ended her speech by saying, "Oh, and they would like to look into getting Logan a second CI on his left ear."

-The doctor then said, "Sounds good to me, nice to meet you." and they both left the room after giving me discharge papers.

What just happened??? Was he saying "sounds good to me" to the implant, or was just that his normal good-bye/see-you-later speech.

...Later that night I got a call from his office giving me the date and time for Logan's CT scan--October 30th! I was confused and asked the nurse why he was getting a CT done. She said, "It says here in his file that he is having the cochlear implant surgery done and this needs to be done prior to the surgery."

YIPPEE!! That was what I was hoping she'd say. But wait, was it really that easy? I say, "We want a second CI" and the doctor says, "OK"? I am not getting my hopes up, but it sounds like its a go. I'm sure the Audiology and CI team have to meet to agree on this and insurance has to approve (which seems to be near impossible to get a second one approved), but so far it sounds like we are on the right track.


Carmen said...

yes, that is pretty much how it went with Luca and I was surprised because I know that Dr Antonelli didn't encourage me to get him a second one, he wouldn't do it if it were his son I think. But since I had made up my mind and I was sure about my decision he respected it and did it in NO TIME! so get ready for it, it might happen before you know it! It's all up to how lomg it takes the insurance to approve it really.

Perry Family said...

AMAZING!!! I got chills reading that!! I am so happy and hope all goes well for the scheduled dates!! Congrats!

jenandbrody said...

Congrats! Good for your for not giving up!

Bright Family said...

Amazing! I pray you have absolutely no problems with insurance. Two ears would be awesome! Like Carmen said, I am sure the time will come much sooner than you ever expected.

Best of luck with insurance approvals!!

Laurie said...

Wonderful news! Two ears is definitely better than one!

leahlefler said...

That's great! Here's to insurance approving the second CI with no hassles!

kkohler said...

Yahoo! I hope all goes well with the insurance company. Congratulations!


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