Thursday, October 30, 2008

That's My Name!

Logan loves to share things with his younger brother, Chase. Every time he sees Chase in the morning he says, "Chase, wake up, yeah." Every time he gets out of the car to go to school, he says to his brother, "Chase, Bye." Every time we pick him up from school, he says, "Chase, Hi. How are you?" and shows him what he colored at school by saying, "Chase, look." This goes on all day, however, Chase never responds to Logan or even acknowledges that Logan is talking to him, mainly because Logan still hasn't mastered Chase's name yet--Chase doesn't know he is being addressed. I usually repeat Chase's name to him, so that he will look up at Logan-I want Logan to know that his words have meaning, that we are understanding, so that he doesn't get discouraged.

Anyway, today in the car, Logan was sitting in the backseat, behind Chase. Logan found a batman toy in the car that he wanted to show Chase and said, "Chase, Chase!" (with the 'ch' and the 'a' sound sounding very clear). I was getting ready to repeat Chase's name for him, when Chase looked back at Logan and said, "What." He recognized his name! Logan said it good enough for Chase to understand. I grinned from ear to ear!

I feel like this is a start for "normal" brotherly playtime!


Charlotte said...

aww thats sweet. Melts your heart does it. My name is Charlotte and I find it hard to say my own name!

Both boys are super cute.


Perry Family said...

I love how Logan is always talking to Chase, telling him hi and bye...that's some heart Logan has! How wonderful that Chase responded to his amazing big brother! :)

Tammi said...

That's so great that Logan is doing so well! Those are the moments we live for as mothers--seeing our children become the best of friends! Your boys are so blessed to have you as their mom. I'm amazed by all that you do for your family and how much you have enriched their lives! Say hi to Jake for us.


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