Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Christmas Experience / Vocabulary Book...

"Merry Christmas"
"Christmas tree" - "candy cane"

"elf" - "present"

"Santa Claus" - "Christmas lights on a house"

"wreath" - "gingerbread man"

"holly" - "bells"

"Santa's sleigh" - "the Wisemen"

"christmas lights" - "mistletoe"

"Santa going down the chimney" - "Santa's reindeer"

"ornament" - "snowman"

"turkey" - "Rudolph"

"Baby Jesus" - "Gingerbread house"


Bright Family said...

Very cute! You always find the greatest pictures! I used many from here: http://www.mes-english.com/flashcards/christmas.php and then added my own I stole from google. I also cheat by using the $1 albums from Wal-mart. Just not as crafty as you!

Just think, very soon you will be filling a book with hearts and Easter bunnies and Christmas isn't even here yet!

mbishopp said...

where do you get your clear plastic albums from?


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