Monday, December 15, 2008

Ready to get back to life!

Logan is recovering nicely. Kids are so much more than resilient than we are! He was eager to remove the bandages and even got up in the middle of the night, on day two, to throw the ace wrap in the garbage. When I asked him why he took it off he told me that Dad said he could take it off when he woke up. Dad was right, only we expected his wake up time to be about 8 am, not 2 am!
He stopped needing his medication earlier than expected and has been begging to go back to school. He will continue on the antibiotics to keep him infection free (from the mucous issue).
His activation day is on January 5th. We are eager to see the results once we get this second one up and running. Thanks again for all your well wishes. I look forward to one day, Logan understanding how loved he really is.

We were slightly shocked that the incision went up into his hairline, we were told it would be completly behind his ear, like his first one. Hopefully his hair will cover it better when it grows out.

Logan's incision began opening up, so "Dr. Dad" shaved his head a bit so he could apply some butterfly closures...

I also thought I'd attach these fun pictures of our visit with Santa this weekend...

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jenandbrody said...

So this surgery means he doesn't have to wear his "ear" on the outside anymore? I read everything you put and there is so much information! Sometimes I don't get it all though. So glad to see him smiling and wonderful to hear everything went well!


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