Friday, December 5, 2008

Happy Hearing Birthday!

It has been one year since Logan's world opened up in a whole new way! It has been quite the journey, one that I never thought would be as difficult or as rewarding as it is. I remember thinking that Logan would never develop spoken language, never hear the sounds of the world or enjoy the voices of his family. Now I love when I hear him whisper a secret to his brother, giggle at the funny noises his little brother makes and even talk back to me when he's been naughty!

I will be forever grateful to Logan's surgeons, audiology team and therapists who have invested their time and efforts to help him succeed. I wasn't prepared for what all of this entailed. I had no idea that teaching Logan to speak would be such an educational process and I appreciate these professionals for sharing their wisdom and patience with me.

What a better way to celebrate than to be receiving a second "ear". We are excited and anxious for Tuesday to come. Thanks for all you well wishes.

Here's to many more beautiful, loud hearing birthdays to come!

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Click here to see Logan one year ago today!


Drew's Mom said...

Happy Hearing day! Can't wait to see what year two brings for your little boy.

We'll be praying for a successful surgery on Tuesday.

Dana Boyack said...

Logan is the SMARTEST,MOST HANDSOME, BRAVEST Little boy I have ever seen!
My Prayers and Heart are with Logan all the time, but especially at this time of his second surgery. I LOVE YOU LOGAN!!! Grandma, Grandpa and Tyler are so PROUD of YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dana Boyack said...



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