Sunday, April 27, 2008


On Friday, my youngest son, Chase, pulled off Logan's implant (as he often does) a bit forcefully. He detached the magnet part, so I just hooked it back on, thinking it was no big deal. After a while, I noticed that Logan was not responding to sounds that he normally recognizes. After determining that he was just not "ignoring" me, I knew something was wrong with the implant. I found out that there is a tool that is used to see if all the electrodes are connected properly, something we definitely should have! My husband figured out that the small prongs were bent so the magnet cord could not attach properly. Since it was now Friday evening, we would have to wait until Monday to submit for a replacement, which takes 2-3 days! I quickly remembered all of the frustration we had months ago when we had to chase Logan down, stomp our feet on the floor or throw something (soft, of course) at him--all to get his attention. The hard part has been his constant asking for the implant and having to tell him it is broke. Hopefully we get it fixed soon!


Val said...

why didn't I think of a little Spider-man sticker! I'm now searching for cute little stickers for boys and girls!!

Drew's Mom said...

Contact your audiologist and have him/her order you an extra for everything. We have four coils (two in use, two for back up), four processors, four babyworn cables, etc. We even have four rechargable batteries. So, if something breaks we have a back up in house and then just call for a replacement.

At first I thought we should just have three of everything, with one back up, but then both of our body worn shoe cables went out at the same time. Now I have a back up of everything for each ear.

Love the sticker - I'm going to have to do that. Although, if my daughter has her way, he'll be wearning a disney princess!

~FRANCOM FUN~ said...



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