Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Too funny...

So I am sitting on the couch with Logan and my older son, Tanner, watching a movie when Logan heard Tanner "toot"! Logan looked at me and pointed at his ear with a puzzled look on his face, telling me that he had heard that, but was unfamiliar with the sound. If only there had been a video camera in the room as Tanner and I tried to explain to Logan what a toot was. He starred at us confused as if we weren't making any sense. I guess I never realized that he was unaware that that funny feeling in his tummy/bum, made a sound. Tanner proceeded to tell him that it was stinky and that we only do it in the bathroom. Logan walked in the bathroom and told us that he didn't smell anything...he wasn't getting it! :) By this time Tanner and I were laughing so hard which made it difficult for us to be serious so that we could relay the message to Logan that it wasn't nice to toot.

About an hour later Tanner accidentally dropped a box of crackers on the kitchen floor. Logan looked at me and began holding his nose and "waving" his bottom thinking he had heard a toot. Maybe we'll try this again in a few weeks! :-)


Drew's Mom said...

HILARIOUS!!! I am laughing out loud! Kids are a riot!

BTW - tag, you're it. Check out Drew's blog to find out what you get to do :)

Mom to Toes said...

How funny!!!! I love the mental picture you painted with this one. I can just see it!!!

DanaLee said...

I am certain that you wont know who I am but I am one of your sister-in-laws old friends-Emily and I were roommates many times in different places, I knew most of her brothers pretty well and just adored their family. But Em and I have been somewhat out of touch for a few years...
I found your blog through a friends (I cant even remember who??)and have been so moved by your experiences. I too am hearing impaired but not many would ever know it, and certainly not as much as your beautiful little boy. He is absolutely a treasure. I love that you have the miracle song on here by Celine. Perfect.
I went my whole life without hearing aids which were needed but not affordable for my family then, and just recently (about 2 years ago-still feels recent) was able to get some for myself. It is one of the hardest things for me to describe and to talk about with most people. I almost cried in the doctors office when I was shown what other people were hearing and the difference of what I was hearing without them. I had missed so much.
I am so impressed and so grateful that you are working so hard and doing such an amazing job at getting your son all the help that he needs and deserves. I love reading about your latest experiences ( I just found your blog a couple of weeks ago) with him and appreciate you sharing them with others as I think it brings sensitivity to a group of people that aren't treated with that kind of sensitivity that should be shown them. You are helping change that.
If you ever care to get in touch with me my email is danalee_k@hotmail.com and I would love to hear from you.
You are doing an amazing thing! Keep it going,

DanaLee said...

PS the toot story had my laughing out loud!!! LOVE it!

Val said...

Brings back memories...I remember Gage crying as a toddler, he had new super power digital aids when he heard his first toot. He looked so confused and then he cried! Scarey stuff!!!


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