Sunday, April 6, 2008

First week of preschool at JTC!

Logan started the preschool at John Tracy this week. He will start full days next week, until 3:30! He loved it and did great, but each day I picked him up I walked down the hall and out to the car holding back the tears. This place is what we've been looking for for so long and we only have 5 more weeks to absorb as much as we can. When we had the decision to make between doing Jake's residency in Florida or staying here, we had a hard time choosing. We wanted the best place for Logan, and for the family. At the time, we had not yet found the John Tracy Clinic. I feel like if we had, we may have spent the next two years here in LA instead. I have to be careful not to say "what if," and look more to what lies ahead, but those thoughts won't seem to leave. Logan is at a crucial stage for language development, he is on the right track and just needs a good head start. My husband has reminded me that the purpose of John Tracy was to educate me to be the best teacher for Logan, and I know that, I just feel like there is still so much to learn from them and I'm angry that we did not have the opportunity to take full advantage of them. I see parents there with their newborn babies that were just diagnosed and wonder why that wasn't us, why the doctors and audiologists didn't tell us that this was out there, I feel like that should've been part of their job.
I don't mean to be negative, we are making a lot of progress with Logan and he is trying so hard. His receptive language is now up to 31 words!! We are so proud of him.
His teacher, Megan

His Auditory Verbal Therapist, Jenny (she was giving him his tattoo!)

Logan found this note in his lunchbox on his first day and wanted me to take a picture of him with it! :)


Drew's Mom said...

He is just adorable!

There are excellent schooling options around the country. While I'm sure the JTC is very unique - even sending me coorspondance courses in Ohio! - there are other programs that you can look in to. Check out for schools in Florida. Maybe there will be one close to your new home!

We don't have any schools right by us, but the public school system actaully has a great oral preschool, so there may be an option there too. Plus, you have learned so much by being near JTC. Logan is so lucky to have you!!

Kathy said...

I can only imagine your frustration. Have you asked the school if they have any info about programs in Florida? I am sure there will be great places there that will benefit Logan, it just might be a challenge trying to find them. Be patient and have hope that there may be something even greater that will bless Logan's life in Florida. He's already got you and Jake as parents, so he is miles ahead of many other kids!

Celeste said...

We actually have looked into programs in Florida, we made sure to do that before deciding to go there. We found an oral deaf program (like JTC)in Jackonsville. We thought it was only about 45 minutes away, but come to find out it is about 90 minutes away and probably too far to commute everyday, especially with the two other kids. There is also a preschool program in the school district there. It's the only thing within miles, so we're hoping it's good.

Val said...

Isn't he a doll? I'm lovin' your blog, he looks like such a big boy at school.

Bright Family said...

Hi Celeste! We are heading to JTC this June and I am afraid I won't want to leave! I wish I could take our therapist, preschool teacher, and local family along!! Rural MT doesn't offer anything relating to CI resources and I am hoping it will really help Tayten's expressive language and give me more ideas of how to help him along in his overall language development. Logan looks like he is really enjoying his time at school!

Shiloh said...

I've never posted on your blog before, although I've been reading for a while. Logan is such an adorable little guy. You are lucky to have had the JTC as a resource. I hope you find a program you like in FL.

Misha said...

I just found your blog from some links on other CI kids' blogs. I love your stories about your little boy. I have a 7 year old with profound hearing loss and she has 2 CIs and is truly a gift to us. I wish you luck on your 2nd implant.


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