Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Disney World...

We were so excited for Logan to experience Disney World since the last time we were at Disneyland was before he was implanted. The sounds were fantastic to him and he even tried to sing along with "It's a Small World". I would have never thought it, but what a great language experience Disney World is. There were so many new things he had never seen, the characters, the colors, the songs! He loved every minute and wouldn't stop asking how to say everything he saw. Although we had so much fun, unless we were actually on a ride it was very stressful for me to struggle with Logan hearing me through all the crowds. (Another reason we are eager to get the second implant done.) I was shouting most of the time just to get his attention. We also ran into a problem with him wandering off so much. Because Logan is still very visual, so many things seemed to catch his eye and he'd wander towards it. It was difficult to keep track of him because we were also with his two other brothers and their 3 cousins! I would usually keep little Logan on one of those cute "leashes", but that wasn't something he wanted to wear since all of the older kids were free to walk on their own.
All in all it was a great three days and he can hardly wait to go back.

New receptive and expressive words learned from Disney World:

One of Logan's favorite rides was at the Animal Kingdom, the Safari. There was a picture list of all the animals we would see on the safari. Every time we saw an animal, he would find it on the picture board, ask me how to say it and try to mimic it.

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