Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks for the emails...

I have had a few other 'CI MOMS' email me and ask what kind of program/therapy we have Logan in. We are still trying to set all of that up, since we have just moved, but here is what we have been doing this summer to keep busy...

Logan attended the Preschool at the John Tracy clinic last year and that is where we learned most of the “therapy” that we do at home. They have free online courses, if you’re interested. Go to to sign up. We just moved from California to Florida, so the only therapy he has received this summer is at home with me. I usually set aside one hour in the morning and one hour after his nap and play with him, making it a language activity. I am talking to him all day about everything we are doing. I ask him to repeat a lot. It took him a while before he would mimic me, but now he does it without me having to ask.

I choose a theme for the week (or sometimes two weeks) and we read books, do crafts, (try to) go on “field trips”, all having to do with that theme. I print off pictures of that theme (from the computer) and hang them up around the house. When we walk by the picture we say the name. For example, one week we did fruits and vegetables. We had pictures of apples, peas, corn, etc. around the house. We then went to a strawberry farm and picked strawberries. We also made carrots out of tissue paper. Then every night we read the same book, which has to do with our theme. My older (hearing) son enjoys the activities as well, and my 20 month old benefits from the language activities as well!

Right now we are working on the Alphabet. We do two/three letters per week, but don’t move on until he has mastered the current letters. There are letters hanging up around the house. When Logan walks past one, he comes to tell me what it is. When we read our book at night, we try to find the letters of the week, in his book.
You can find a lot of ideas off the Internet. Many preschool sites have free lesson plans; we use those, and then just tweak them to fit Logan’s needs.
Also, once he starts school, we'll find out their theme for the week and do our own activities at home that go along with what he is learning at school.

I am also a big fan of "experience books". Logan simply loves them and I find myself needing to make a new one about every month. I make experience books with Family members, daily activities, and objects/places that he sees everyday.

I would also love to hear any ideas, form any of you, who have done things that have worked as well. Please share!


tammy said...

Thanks for sharing all of this! I need to print this and save it for when Aiden gets older! I made my first experience book yesterday with our AVT ... a very quick one of just gluing things on pages for Aiden to feel. Yours are great!! Guess I'll need to start making a craft cart for all these upcoming books!

Carmen said...

we just made an experience book at clarke, and I am planning on doing it more often, I think it is a great idea! Looking forward till the kids start school!

Bright Family said...

Wow, you're good! Those are some fine looking experience books! Ours usually consist of colored construction paper, markers and unlaminated pictures! The book we just made for our first trip to the dentist consisted of pictures stolen off the internet. Hopefully it will ease the fear!

And it is no wonder why Logan is doing so awesome. I wish I had the time and energy to plan like you do. Now that the 'morning' sickness has susbsided, I should be able to acomplish much more!

Thanks for posting. I am sure it will be useful to many mommies!

Christian's Mommy said...

Thanks for the comment---I'm so glad that I found your blog! Your son is adorable!

We too do the experience books. I'm an AVID scrapbooker, and it's about the only thing I crop these days. Christian seems to really respond well to them!

jenandbrody said...

You are such an amazing mom! I love both of your blogs, especially the one for Logan. I have only just glanced at both of them, but I don't know how you do it! I'm just trying to get everything done being a new wife. I will definately be looking to you for ideas when I have kids of my own! :o) Check out our blog - It's not as fancy as yours (yet), but I will figure otu what I'm doing someday!

dani said...

those books are gorgeous! your children must be flourishing under all this great positive attention!

Forever Angels said...

Your blog is great. I just discovered my 1 year old little girl is profoundly deaf. I just needed to read about someone else who has been through all these emotions.
We live in Tanzania (but are British) so are now having to move back to the UK so our little girl can get the care she needs.

I just made an experience book for her.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading your blog. It's really great and Logan is so cute.My grand-daughter Mathilde, 4 years old, was born profoundly deaf and got a C.I. when she was 23 months then had to be re-implanted 20 months later due to device failure.So we went through the same fears, joys and hopes as you. She's making so much progress and is so cooperative, just like Logan !You can visit her site ( we're French)
Thank you again and good luck


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