Wednesday, July 23, 2008

One of Logan's new words...


I bought some fun Batman masks at Walmart for the boys and he has quickly become the favorite superhero around the house. I hear "mot-maun, mot-maun" ALL DAY LONG!!! We're glad his language is expanding!


Carmen said...

Hi Celeste!
This is Carmen, Luca's mom.
Your kids are adorable!
I guess we will be meeting each other today. Looking forward to it!

Kim said...

I just read your "trip to Holland" blurb. I remember reading it in Dear Abbie years ago, but never knew who wrote it. Thanks for posting it and the author. :-)

I am late-deafened and have often felt that story could apply to me as well, not just parents raising a disabled child. There's so much more to life than Rome. hahaha!

Good luck to you and your little Mautman. He's adorable. When my son was three (he's 19 now) he wanted to be a "big bat" for Halloween. We made him Batwings out of cardboard and painted them black. You've brought back some fun memories.

~FRANCOM FUN~ said...



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