Friday, March 21, 2008

Kaci Koala Can hear...

Logan was so excited to get Kaci's Implant in the mail today. The next day, he was practicing speech with him and kept pointing at his ear, telling Kaci that he wanted to hear him speak!


Mom to Toes said...

How adorable!!!! I love the T-shirt Logan is wearing too... "sound sleeper". Haha!

Toes loves her bear. It is her security object. The fur is worn off on the arms and the t-shirt has been washed so many times you can barely read the logo on the back.

I don't get it... it isn't the cuddliest bear in the world.

~FRANCOM FUN~ said...

what does the koala do? what is it for?
Love the T-shirt!!!

Celeste said...

the bear doesn't "do" anyting. It was just a little gift that he received from the implant company. It's something to play with that also has an implant. He thinks it's so neat that he can "hear" too. He practices his speech with it like we do in school.


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