Thursday, March 6, 2008

Logan's first week at the "Dolphin School"

Logan is loving his "Dolphin School" (they have dolphins painted on the walls). He's even had a hard time sleeping at night due to all the excitement. I'm still a little unsure it's the best thing for him, the teachers are a little harsh with the kids I guess they see it as "tough love"!

The first day he had on his "Crocs" and the teacher signed to him that he was wearing bad shoes that were not aloud at school. He now will not wear them at all, anywhere! Then they proceeded to play a game that they play on a daily basis, since this was Logan's first day he was not aware of how the game was played. When he did not do the game exactly correct, one of the teachers said sarcastically, "Well, I guess someone is new today." I'm actually glad that he doesn't have a full concept of language yet. However, he loves it and it's only for 2 1/2 more weeks (then we start at John Tracy Full time!!)

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Jyl... said...

Tough love or not that is RUDE! Teachers sometimes worry me. Aren't they suppose to be loving and nice. And if they don't like children WHY ARE THE WORKING IN SCHOOLS? But, could Logan get any cuter. He is just a doll


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